Case Studies

Some of my work

I am a Web Developer from Harrogate

Having worked in the industry for 6 years, I have worked on hundreds of websites, I have researched and implemented a varied range of web technologies.

Scatchard's Garage

I recently worked with Scatchard's Garage to make a completely new website using a Content Management System (CMS).

The backend is easy to understand, fast, and, clean. In addition, I developed a plugin for this website to connect with Ebay's API, it synchronises with their Ebay store, then, creates pages out of the products completely automatically. Populating the new pages with images and content.

Jurassic Bark Harrogate

Jurassic Bark Harrogate wanted a website where they could update the content & the meta data to maintain it and improve their website in Google's Search Results.


A website for my own personal band "Impyus" for which I play bass guitar, built in a very flexible CMS, it utilises a bespoke event system which makes it easy to update the table of Gigs & Events at the bottom of the page.

Captured By Gravity

This is a website for another experimental music project, it started as a Masters degree project, but, I still work on it adding new songs to it when I can.